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Ant wrote

When I think of japanese people I don't think of happiness, I sooner think of people working themselves to death

this article promotes bourgeois values and is only agreeable insofar as you already think this stuff has anything to do with happiness


The word is often translated as: “that which makes life worth living”—having a purpose in life. Examples of ikigai could include aspects related to one’s social identity, such as work or family, or the pursuit of self-realization, such as hobbies or travel, activities that are seen as ends in themselves.

And seems literally to be the same 'happiness' that most places are pedalling

A sad consequence of this is that those who try to live in their own way will inevitably be policed by everyone and their mother

What? You don't want to get married and pop out 2.3 children and be a tourist a few times a year while you maintain your hobby and have weekly dinner parties? You're doing it wrong, and the whole world will be brought to bear on your life to enforce the right way!