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fortmis wrote (edited )


PointNemo wrote (edited )

I am ashamed of how much of my conception of words like "touch" or "love" is based on mass media vs. organic in-person experience. They are almost myths or legends for me, more than reality.

This song is amazing though...


anarresinfoshop wrote

:( I'm sorry

friendships can also offer opportunities for touch; certain relationship agreements/structures can also offer that as well. Have you discussed these issues you're experiencing with your partner? Have you explored possible solutions with them, and/or on your own?

Romantic relationships can be a great thing to have in your life, but I feel that people in romantic relationships can sometimes forget to cultivate friendships, which in my opinion are also a very important part of a happy and fulfilling life

In fact, I would even venture so far as to say that having a diverse set of friendships is even more important, because it enriches all the other connections and sense of community/sociality that you have, including your romantic relationship(s)

Of course, there are always obstacles in the way, in real life. For example, you could be in antarctica-- figuratively, or literally, like I was last year.


PointNemo wrote

to touch a lover
to touch a friend
to touch yourself
and fall in love again

listen close
to the wind
with risen nose
and upraised chin

hear your lovers
passed and eternal
love another
this morning vernal