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cyberrose wrote

Not sure. Not too long ago my emotional reaction was kinda analogous to yours. To that time I had similar questions in my head. Nevertheless my reaction towards people where different; I was (often) able to mimic the reaction people desired. Not caus' I felt it was right but caus' I thought it would maybe help them. After some mental problems and psychotherapy I was able to feel more emotions than anger or hate. I managed to sometimes really mean what I said. I was able to feel a connection between me and the other person. You questioned if all the people you know from your past where really close to you. For me it was the case. I really learned to feel the connection I already had towards them. So for me the key was to feel anything other than "negative" emotions. I managed to do so by reflecting my past and where these originated. And also why they still persist today (the society has something to do with it; from my perspective at least). Funny thing: After that I also managed to give a shit about bad stuff sometimes. I do not try to mimic interests so often anymore. (But this has also more than one reason)

Not sure if this helps you in some way. Have a nice day and wish you luck!