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Fool wrote

There are a few things to un-pack here.

Some things to reflect upon:

  1. Interest in social interaction:
    Why are you socialising?
    What would you lose if you stopped?
    What would you gain if you stopped?

  2. Interest in things not rooted in the present moment:
    How much time to you spend watching/reading about "injustice"?
    How much would these things affect you if you weren't reading about them?
    Are you able to effect these events through your own power?

  3. Awareness of your body and your emotions: How are you feeling right now?
    If you were feeling X emotion, how would you know physically?
    Are you doing that indicator right now?

  4. Awareness of the present:
    The future is a projection of your current thoughts, it doesn't exist now, and it may never exist.
    The past no longer exists, it is only information to help make sense of the present.
    Now is the best moment of your life, because it's the only one that exists.
    What ya doing?

Disclaimer: I am an entity on the internet called Fool, I work in IT not people related stuff.

"If you have no expectations to achieve anything, then whatever happens is a bonus." - Fool, in this comment.


CaptainACAB wrote

You might be on the spectrum.

No one here's a psychologist, but your thoughts in empathy sound like mine not too long ago.


cyberrose wrote

Not sure. Not too long ago my emotional reaction was kinda analogous to yours. To that time I had similar questions in my head. Nevertheless my reaction towards people where different; I was (often) able to mimic the reaction people desired. Not caus' I felt it was right but caus' I thought it would maybe help them. After some mental problems and psychotherapy I was able to feel more emotions than anger or hate. I managed to sometimes really mean what I said. I was able to feel a connection between me and the other person. You questioned if all the people you know from your past where really close to you. For me it was the case. I really learned to feel the connection I already had towards them. So for me the key was to feel anything other than "negative" emotions. I managed to do so by reflecting my past and where these originated. And also why they still persist today (the society has something to do with it; from my perspective at least). Funny thing: After that I also managed to give a shit about bad stuff sometimes. I do not try to mimic interests so often anymore. (But this has also more than one reason)

Not sure if this helps you in some way. Have a nice day and wish you luck!