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lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

I realized this after I spent this morning talking about how great I am and how smarter and better I am. I then asked myself if I thought I was more powerful than the US government. I said yes. Then the realization then hit me lol.

I also almost made the LettuceLeaferJerk forum. A literal forum where it's purpose is to make memes to stroke my on ego lol.


halfway_prince wrote (edited )

You're a very interesting and lovely person worthy of love and respect.

I hope that you never conflate that with the idea that you're smarter or better than anyone else.

edit: removed "even", changed language b/c second sentence was originally written as too much like an order which is not the vibe


cyberrose wrote

(Advice upcoming, if you are annoyed by strangers giving an advice just skip the message :)) Stroking your ego seems not the right way for me. Why should you do that? To feel more "normal"? Reflecting your believes may also ground you a little but with the benefit of learning where you had stupid images of yourself and not just making fun of you. Being just sarcastic can of cause solve a quite similar purpose but with the drawback that it may not last longer time it may bot give you the insights which may be useful in similar situations in the future. Try not to be stuck in a stupid circle where you perform the same pattern over and over again.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Thx, I'm pretty find tbh. I just have to reduce stimulation and chill out for like 24-48 hrs.

Most people with mood instability have issues bc their either don't realize their issue and don't pump the brakes or don't have the information or material conditions to head the instability off. Oh tho just being unlucky and having your life externals being too unstable to regulate effectively.

I don't hav either of those problems currently so it's more annoying management rather than anything concerning.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Little dangerous is a bit of an understatement. Manic episodes left unchecked often cause people to spend all their money, often be Incarcerated or hospitalized and doing other associated risky behavior often mixed with pycosis. Lol