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so in the uk you to get an assistance dog (service animal) you have to go through an official organisation. theres a few out there and they cater to different conditions. they may support you to train your own dog or they may provide you a trained dog from a breeder.

this is great and everything. it completely avoids many of the issues we see in america of “fake” or badly trained service dogs. however there are many drawbacks: they’re all basically charities and constantly low on funds, the waiting lists are extremely long and if you don’t have one of the specific conditions the organisations cater to you can’t get a service dog full stop.

being neurodivergent and traumatised, i considered getting a psychiatric service dog a few years ago. however, there were absolutely no organisations that train primarily for mental health issues so psychiatric service dogs essentially don’t exist in the uk.

it bugged me at the time, but whatever, i’m coping without one and i’m no longer interested anyway. plus, a whole lot of the service dog industry is extremely ethically dubious and at this point i want no part in it.

but recently, i checked back in out of curiosity and guess what? an official assistance dogs organisation has popped up training psychiatric service dogs for… exclusively veterans and members of the emergency services (e.g. cops) who have ptsd from their ‘service’

the emergency services bit i can partially get behind. firefighters, paramedics and coastguards deserve all the help in the world. but fucking veterans and cops?

the organisations entire branding is vomit inducing too. british flags everywhere, some kind of shitty pun on “serving”, armed “services” and now “service” dogs.

it grinds my fucking gears. what makes my trauma deserving of less support than someone who went out and thought it’d be cool to kill people for shits and giggles in wars they don’t understand waged by a violent imperialistic country that barely deserves the land it sits on? and now they’ve traumatised themselves surprised pikachu face . fucking good. sit with that. suffer with it every day. let it rot in whatever semblance of a conscience you may have, and maybe next time you’ll think twice about signing up to a murder machine. not to victim blame, but this shit is the consequences of your own fucking actions. live with it.

i may sound harsh. i understand there’s many reasons a person may join the military or even gasp become a cop. blind patriotism most are brainwashed into, misleading tv adverts, recruiters specifically targeting low income young people. it’s complex.

but what about any of that makes you more deserving of support, be it via a psychiatric service dog or otherwise, than rest of us traumatised, mentally ill or neurodivergent folks out here?

fucking sorry i got my trauma from an abusive parent.

fucking sorry i’m fucked up from being legally homeless before even reaching my teens instead of being pawn for the system that put me in that position in the first place.

there are people out here traumatised by poverty, rape, abuse, injuries and illness, who are agonising on stupid nhs waiting lists who could have their lives changed by a healthy relationship with a psychiatric service dog. but no, those guys don’t fucking matter i guess. only our ✨heroes✨ and ✨brave servicemen and women✨.

it’s not even about the dogs. it’s the principle.

this clearly isn’t an organisation that actually cares about helping people, otherwise they would actually extend their services to those who need it most.

this is just another opportunity for the usual specimens to suck their own dicks a la poppy appeal.

and honestly i have concerns over the well being of the dogs in question given the violent, power hungry and devoid of empathy tendencies we see in these types. a healthy symbiotic disabled human-service animal relationship is a tricky balance, and not an iota of my being has a shred of faith they’ll get it right.

i hate this island

rant over

ps. i don’t know why my only posts so far have been about cops and dogs. genuinely a coincidence, but i guess i’ve found my niche.



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beautiful vent, looks healthy and i agree.. fuck 'em.

to make this about dogs again, why not just adopt a dog? befriending dogs is happiness! :)



aaaaargZombies wrote

Unhelpful suggestion...

Start your own assistant dog charity for people who aren't cops. Call it All Cats Are Bastards. Get free money from funders. Get an ungovernable amount of dogs. Now who's laughing poppy shaggers?

Seriously though the UK is atrocious and I'm here for the rant.