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Stigmata wrote (edited )

Don't let the system get you down! For real, I worked at a radio station and some of the greatest musicians I met would not or did not fit in in college music programs.

If you like guitar play guitar. Don't worry about groups you are in or what people think of your music. You will for sure get better over time, and honestly if people said you are good then you are good.

We need more people exploring arts, it is a neglected field.

I am not a musician but I was a college student, I didn't fit in and I felt dumb as crap, but I got through it and now after a ton of work I have found my niche and a group of people that appreciate my work. If you keep at it you may find your niche too.

Also some professors are just jerks, they tear you down, but you can't let that ruin your passion. Most people are really passionate about one thing and it is awful to lose that passion. Fuck that professor, keep on playing, the world will be a better place for it.