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topa wrote

Maybe some of this is useful for you:

If you practiced six hours a day, you’re likely good. The one-size-fits-all weekly songwriting situation didn’t fit you, that’s ok. You have your own pace.

Weird time signatures etc is the kind of thing where it depends on a lot whether it’s going to work out for you. If you want it to work out, unless you have a group of people who can ‘see’ what you’re doing, you have to show occasionally and definitively that you can do ‘regular’ music well - if you are interested in being understood, which isn’t necessary, but probably makes your life easier.

I think you should just practice again. Take it slow, and don’t expect much initially.

If the initial issue is that others might hear you, then maybe be somewhere where nobody can hear you.


[deleted] wrote


topa wrote


Yeah sounds like you were and that your initial problem will be solved if you deal with that: Not expecting people to be into weird technical stuff, and realising it takes time to carve a niche with the corresponding listening community.
Being understood and not being actively harassed aren't too far apart in a shit world, maybe.

Can you play into earphones, and if so, couldn't that solve the problem of needing solitude? I don't know enough about your living situation.


Twoeyes wrote

Firstly, if you haven't already I'd probably look at seeking some help to deal with trauma. That sounds like straight up abuse.
I'd say just stand up, and own your music, with no apologies, but I know it's not that simple when working through trauma.

On the being overheard part, could you get an electric guitar and plug it into a computer or amp with headphones attached? Or something similar. Sure there'll be a little string noise but not as much as acoustic.


moonlune wrote (edited )

Thanks for sharing this sad story with us. :(

Maybe you can try another instrument now and come back to the guitar a little later?


monday wrote (edited )

I feel you, I dropped out two times from college and almost the high school... And all of my art classes (music, painting and drama) killed any artistics pretension I had, to the point I feel frustrated and incomplete.

Fuck school and fuck college too... Hope you can pursue your dreams outside this bad context, I try to follow mine


lettuceLeafer wrote

For me I was in a different scenario I found getting into Johny hobo really made me enjoy an be way more confident in singing and playing guitar.

All of pats songs are theoretically horrible in ways that would probably not be viewed positively by academia. But I fucking love them and no matter how well they are playing most people won't respect it. So why give a fuck, because no matter how you play it people won't respect it.

So enjoy singing DIY orgasms and jamming out because none of your college professors would like it. So fuck their opinion and have fun playing.

Also for me personally refusing to use sheet music and playing exclusively by ear plus maybe looking up chords online was far more enjoyable and far less stressful than playing traditionally correct


Stigmata wrote (edited )

Don't let the system get you down! For real, I worked at a radio station and some of the greatest musicians I met would not or did not fit in in college music programs.

If you like guitar play guitar. Don't worry about groups you are in or what people think of your music. You will for sure get better over time, and honestly if people said you are good then you are good.

We need more people exploring arts, it is a neglected field.

I am not a musician but I was a college student, I didn't fit in and I felt dumb as crap, but I got through it and now after a ton of work I have found my niche and a group of people that appreciate my work. If you keep at it you may find your niche too.

Also some professors are just jerks, they tear you down, but you can't let that ruin your passion. Most people are really passionate about one thing and it is awful to lose that passion. Fuck that professor, keep on playing, the world will be a better place for it.