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cyberrose wrote

The context is important. When it's about personal stuff: Being right or wrong is unimportant as long as you feel comfortable with it. When it comes to social stuff, you can take the bigger context into account. Reflecting your standpoint in relation with society can give you little more clearness. Your standpoint and your "right" can be completely different to other ones "right" because your history is completely different.

In general it gives me a lot of self confidence and clearness to know why my standpoints or views differ from those of others. If somebody tells me I'm wrong I may confront them with things they don't see or just give a fuck without questioning myself. But that's not always possible to the full extend, in situations where this is not that clear I take this opportunity to reflect about it and include it in the bigger picture of myself for the next time.

Another thing which is quite important to me is being graceful to myself. As the others also said: You don't have to be always right. You are definitely not always wrong. It's just your view of the world and as long as you are okay with yourself that's very okay. If not it's - again - a starting point for reflection and reorganization; or at least could be if you take that opportunity.

Thinking dialectically is quite a help for me there. (even though quite some people don't want to hear that I guess ^^)