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IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

... strange place for something like this.

It's trying to provide statistical proof for the course of action for the government to take... Looks like I'd expect.

Were you after suggestions for improvement?

No squirrels in Australia, maybe some more squirrels would help... Or maybe include a picture of a Quokka.



MHC OP wrote

Thank you. The improvements that I asked for, were of readability and illustration. Australia has possums.


IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

🤪 I was just being silly but that's great.

Maybe I should have provided more input.

I think I'm going to refer to possums as giant squirrels now.


MHC OP wrote

Australia's native mammals are nearly all marsupials. Possums are marsupials. Whereas squirrels are placental mammals.


MHC OP wrote

"Curious if you were wanting any sort of serious discussion of the plan?"

Yes, I did get engaged in that, with its authoring agency. My main concern was about poor readability. Also it seemed to me like a list of services. I couldn't find any scheduling therein.

"I'm not sure if this was supposed to be released in its current state, but I am happy to discuss."

Well, it's Web-published. How does that document compare with descriptions of services, that you're familiar with?


IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

Sorry I missed seeing this. Hope this can still be useful. I just found the feedback page for this, and notice the closing date was yesterday.

A few points I noticed at a glance.

Purpose of Document - it's good for a document to state what the aim of the document is.

Scope of Document - to be clear what isn't in a document, so to know to look elsewhere. Should the schedule be included, I don't know, there is no scope.

Paragraph numbering - numbers do not look so nice, but make it easy to reference sections clearly, for critique or discussion.

Order of information - This one's maybe more of a me thing, but I didn't feel all the statistics add that much. I would have put the findings as an Annex, either at the end or in a separate document. But this comes back to not knowing the purpose or scope of the document.


MHC OP wrote

Oz is nearly a day ahead of Yankistan. So submit your feedback right away!