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i'm officially coming off prozac now. hopefully a few months and he's never in my life again.



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bloodrose wrote

I was with you on this image until #4.

Like, I believe it is a valid treatment to change your environment instead of medicating if possible and desired. I also think that looking for physical problems is legit (thyroid problems look like depression and potassium deficiency can cause depression, too!).

However, #4 is straight up "you didn't eat the right magical foods, so you are broken" and is just using food as medication with the extra added purity test/victim blaming that goes along with "wellness" and diet culture.

But good luck on your unmedicated journey. Getting off brain meds was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I hope it is a positive experience for you like it was for me. If it is not, don't feel bad if you want/need medication, too. <3 Good luck!!