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Ashy OP wrote

i didn't consider that, that's actually quite promising, thanks

would not taking my meds not be considered a medical/psychiatric reason though? what about previous diagnoses or hospitalizations?


CoryImmediatism wrote

No. for the same reason the hospital doesn't want you for a broken leg when the broken leg happened in your past. Remember that hospital beds are limited and there is competition for them, often. But, you seem very keen to engage in convo about this. Maybe you should just phone your prescribing physician's office and talk with them about stopping your medication. They can change the dose or offer alternative medications if you didn't like that one. And of course, they can answer your questions that you are asking me.


Ashy OP wrote

this makes sense i guess ty

but don't i have to talk with him to get him to stop prescribing it? also i'm a minor so there's probably other hurdles too

sorry for asking too many questions