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celebratedrecluse wrote

On the other hand, this article deflects from what is more interesting, which is how these "high-stimulation activities" can burn out your ability to experience that stimulation in the first place: downregulation, etc


bloodrose wrote

Human interaction (unless it is somehow compulsive and destructive) is in the category of healthy activities that are supposed to supplant the unhealthy ones, such as surfing social media for hours each day. In essence, the dopamine fasters are depriving themselves of healthy things, for no reason, based on faulty science and a misinterpretation of a catchy title.

I wouldn't want to stop chilling with people but I do enjoy unplugging from devices for periods of time. Be it just a half hour of reading a book in the sun or a whole weekend camping trip. I feel much calmer when I "fast" from technology inputs.