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I don't have to feel guilty for others doing things 'for' me that I'd happily do myself!

my mom always makes me feel guilty, feel like I'm ungrateful, that she talks to the school and "goes to bat for me" (I'm 16!), but now I realize-she does that of her own will! I've told her I don't want or need it so many times; I shouldn't feel guilty!

I hope this can help some of you as well! ♡♡♡



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Vulgar_Soda wrote

I don't know that advertising your age on the internet is a good idea ...

I'm happy for your realization, though! People doing "favors" just to hold that against the person on the receiving end is, literally, the worst. I have learned to stop feeling guilty over the actions of others. I owe nothing in return for unsolicited kindness.

If a person takes me out on a date, I don't have to feel bad for them paying for everything and then making a stink when I suddenly decide to go home alone (it's happened). Your mom probably feels like she's owed some sort of theatrical display of gratitude, but that's her problem, not yours.


Ashy OP wrote

it was just to demonstrate how ridiculous it is that she still does that stuff ig 🤷‍♀️

also, your username really got me lol


bloodrose wrote

I recognize what you are saying that the guilt trips are hard. Maybe you can talk to your parent and say "Is there a way I can show you I appreciate your efforts that don't involve me feeling guilty? The guilt is more than I can handle but I do recognize your efforts to provide me with a good childhood."


Ashy OP wrote

i tell her all the time to therapist tells her to stop...

i don't think she puts in any effort to provide me a good childhood...those efforts are long gone. i think by now she's insecure of her abilities as a parent and just takes those feelings out via guilting me

i had a good childhood i think, but now it feels almost meaningless from all the abuse i've suffered..