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Majrelende wrote

Apparently there are no accepted words for city-fear. Maybe Politophobia?

I have a kind of reaction to being in cities too, although it is far less pronounced and maybe of a different cause; it is more a feeling of unease. I know that there is a change that comes over the mind going into a city. For me it is a feeling of floating, like the soil and stone of existence are gone and the only things left are symbols and images, that pull the mind apart. The wild life that I usually see is gone, and that life is real, and I am accustomed to that life; in a city I find it is replaced with an assertive, symbolic capitalist emptiness.


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Majrelende wrote (edited )

About politophobia, I made it up. I may not be good with making up English words, so if something seems wrong, feel free anyone to correct it.