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__0 wrote

I kinda feel you here, I live in a city and it kinda freaks me out sometimes, I feel like part of it is sensory overload sometimes, but also this perception that so much of the infrastructure of the city is hostile architecture, how we all put so much into maintaining infrastructure that isn't meant for us... I feel resentment towards the structures that tower above me, sometimes that resentment almost overwhelming, the feeling that the sidewalks is a barrier between my feet and the earth below sometimes I imagine the sewers stretching endless miles below, all the piss and shit of people who can't afford to live any building that isn't scheduled for demolition etc etc etc. Sometimes this feeling of the city being so inherently oppressive, crushes me emotionally into a state of paranoia, depression, anger, or mania. Listening to the endless sirens responding to overdoses, or sometimes at night the eerie silence of a city where people can't afford the time to walk the streets when off work.


Kinshavo wrote

I usually don't tend to have fear, but my anxiety is going through the roof lately, and I almost can feel the city engulfing me.

Your description is very relatable, the only places I really feel "relaxed" is on the mountain in the city outskirts. But then there will be lots of people feeling the same so it's a crowded spot.


Ashy OP wrote

i totally relate to everything you said

feel this to a lesser degree in the suburbs