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After moving to a large metropolitan area, I’m getting back into backpacking after several years off. I’m hoping a simplified approach to life and increased self-sufficiency will restore some mental stasis that city life and COVID robbed from me. The initial plan is to take several short trips (2-3 days) until I knock the rust off, with hopes for longer, multiple week treks in the future. After that, who knows?

Has anyone here had luck with this approach? Any ways in which being in the backcountry has informed life off the trail?



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putridcod87 wrote

yes absolutely! with regards to it informing life off trail i think its give me space and perspective that i don't get any other way, and from that alot can come. jeriah starts 20mins 22secs in, you might find it interesting. maybe? even though its not exactly talking about what you're on about