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celebratedrecluse wrote

great post!

soapbox: all lattice of oppression is a reaction, it is through the continual reaction to subaltern self-organization that oppressors become "reactionaries"; they are reactive, defensive, of what is seen by them to be a social source of stability or safety. I think the ego, as a psychological construct and experience, is an individualization of the internalization process that you describe well.

Eventually our human global society will grow to see the day when feminist themed dating practices and sexual norms will be ubiquitous.

What makes you think this ubiquity is inevitable?

Nazi era Deutschland destroyed a lot of trans and queer history, for example. entire institutes and community centers, developed during the previous decades, the first of its kind in the world in many ways...all of it basically wiped out by the nazis and then the whole country was practically destroyed by the war. We don't have a lot of that research anymore, and whole communities were erased, sent to horrifying concentration camps, or compelled back into hiding for a long time. So, things can at least locally backslide dramatically given a bad context, that much seems difficult to dispute.

What hope might you offer, to support your claims and push back on my narrative? I'd like some hope, please. :p

As our fear of being dominated will be gradually phased out by the implementation of radical vulnerability and the flourishing of the joys of close friendship

With intepersonal abuse so prevalent and unaccounted for generally, what if the change you identify (which I do think you are right, it is happening, within certain cultural space)... is also problematic, to the extent that abusers take advantage of these social norms to hurt people. That has just been very relevant to me recently, and random other person I speak to or interact with recently. So it's on my mind, of course

feminism will make so much headway that dedicating excessive time and effort to score sex with a casual partner will become more and more alien to our newest cultural sensitivities

I don't know, I know plenty of women who are alright with sleeping with people more casually, and I'm not so sure I'm opposed to it or think these women are being unhealthy, internalizing patriarchy, or anything. I know you didn't say that directly, that's an additional inference that I'm making from our conversation, not you. Anyway, I try to form long-term relationships where possible and desired, but I'm also kind of non-monogamous. Not that this is relevant for the last year or so, nor will it likely be relevant in my life for the next year or two given the state of vaccines where I am.