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bloodrose wrote

I love critques of patriarchy! :) Myself, I don't see the "why is patriarchy?" question as really all that answerable. A lot of theories abound. Elaine Morgan in The Decent of Woman argued that during our evolution, the changing of the direction of the vaginal canal from dorsal to ventral caused missionary sex to be occur which exposed the female primates belly and thus appeared as violence (as most animals protect their bellies). Thus we evolved with sexual violence. I've heard birth envy thrown around before. I theorize that it's probably a combination of a few opportunists gaining ground and then expanding it until it became culturally codified and spread like an internet meme that will not stop. I imagine it is something much more complicated than one sinle explanation like yours or the ones I mentioned. It's probably a combo of everything.


celebratedrecluse wrote

What do you think about the historical/material theories, which focus on the rise of agriculture and mass society, domestication, etc? I find all of that very compelling, personally it is what drove me to consider the deep green critiques more seriously and engage with them intellectually more.

i think birth envy is very apt in particular here, because it's a great way to capture what disturbed incipient male elites during proto-agricultural and early agricultural societies. Women had far more influence and direct presence in the early apparatuses of social reproduction, and so that had to be controlled socially somehow, and in the context of agricultural logic/societies and these newly powerful men, their approach to one matter or another all falls into a familiar toolkit: domestication, subjugation, rhetorical/linguistic manipulation, false consciousness, etc

But also, some of the ideas you have brought up, are very interesting and new to me; I never thought yet about an evolutionary argument before, from the feminist perspective. Perhaps that does have an impact, there is certainly a lot of sexual violence in various species throughout the world as well so it seems to, for lack of a better way I can think to put it, go beyond the anthropocene sociality to some degree.