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KillYourCiv wrote

Almost stopped reading when Jung was mentioned :D

But anyways, the article is a good example of pseudo-psychological nonsense. It's only aim seems to be pushing that false idea of a "true self" which is just an illusion. Instead of Jung, people should read Lacan. What we call our true self, is something that comes from our relationships towards other. In reality, there is no single "self".

And idea of "true self" fits very well together with neoliberal capitalism which promotes faux individualism in which the thrill-seeking, hedonistic and endless consuming self is seen as the deepest truth. And it's always wrapped in aesthetics of "authenticity" and truthfulness. But in the end it's just another word for consumer and personality enforced to us by the market forces.

When you start to live for yourself, you step into another form of consuming. It may be not based on old ideas of family life or patriarchy. But it's not an escape from capitalist hell.