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MrDanger wrote

I certainly like words, salad and deflective hypothetical scenarios.

I also like how pagan, brutal, viking etc. Leif Ericsson treated the natives as he explored the new world documented in a saga. I dislike the columbus diary because it details an age of rape, slaughter and enslavement put on "Indians" because Columbus thought he landed in India. Rape, slaughter and enslavement done to red skinned Indians done by the more civilized Catholics from Spain and Italy.

Leif had the same advantages... anyway.

Aliens could have wiped them all out.


MrDanger wrote

Good point, yeah they can, this Orwellian vision of freedom while awesome is lacking a few things. Please indulge me as I attempt to clear a few things up so we can better talk about this.

Like them, dislike them etc, whatever you think is fine, because the men that wrote the constitution wanted to give citizens the freedom of not just speech but the ability to criticize the government. This was not taken lightly, because placed directly after the first, detailed the means to ensure citizens the ability to defend this freedom, it mattered a lot.

The other unique, related and often overlooked feature was the emphasis on the separation of church and state. Which helps us understand something quite important. While writing the Constitution the founders were reflecting against historical ills & entities that controlled other European countries.

So for the time these things meant freedom, it was hard won and important enough to make them not just rules of thumb or up to the states, they made them foundational law.

Now, to your point, can a state take rights away? Are they being taken away? Have they been infringed upon? Has the oath that every congressional rep and military member vows to uphold, been violated?

Yes absolutely, you are correct, a state can and this one is.
Did the founders seek to prevent this scenario? Looks like it, I suspect we are in a heap of trouble.


MrDanger wrote

lol well that is a different tact indeed! I was more so referring to various drifts away from constitutional liberties we all see. Forget that, let's throw that sham aside!!!!

As your link suggests, spin and propaganda doesn't help matters, I agree. To suggest anarchy is free of such things is ____________________________? Read the information on that page closely, can you spot the errors? If not let me know, I am actually a linguist and love this shit.


bloodrose wrote

I stopped listening to NPR when the war drums were being beaten for going to war with Iraq. They were absolutely complicit in the beating of the drums. I nicknamed them National Pentagon Radio. Such yellow journalism. I am not surprised to hear this is occurring again.