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Bayview_trees wrote (edited )

The increasingly toxic internet is working as designed by the companies that control most of it — corporate monoliths that hold the primary channels of digital information distribution and obligations to shareholders, not civil society.

Part of me believes we should stop trying to play the refs and instead get our hands dirty. We have to better understand the Breitbart/Trump model (including the Clinton Cash stuff: and copy some of the stuff they're doing. If they're all coordinating on anonymous online message boards, working together every single week to pick a new target based on whatever conflict right-wing radio is manufacturing, building new online platforms every other week and hitting up sympathetic bajillionaires (the mercers, the kochs) for cash to fund it all, then why aren't we? If their candidate has a sonic blast of anonymous, online amplifiers overwhelming anyone he @'s, and Twitter won't stop it, why do we let the few women and poc in office who stand up to him face the online onslaught by themselves when they're @'d?