Guide on how-to get rid of facebook (surveillance social/mass media)

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Why would I get out from facebook? All my friends are in there...

Well it seems that facebook is a 'psychological warfare tool for the alt-right', you want your friends to be manipulated by capitalist bastards with money to buy ads on facebook?

All my pictures are in facebook, I dont want to loose them!!

Are you stupid? Delete all of it, facebook is owner of all your pictures, anyway you can download all of them to your computer, got to

I will never find as cool information as I can find easily in facebook

Are you serious? didn't you realize yet that facebook is deleting and censorship many posts, pages and people? Have you heard about mass censorship on facebook?

So how should I proceed from here? What should I do?

Well here we explain you how to get free from corporate social(surveillance) media to Open Source and Free (as in freedom) social media. Basically you have the power to store your data in your own server. If you are a little bit geeky or known a friend which is a bit geeky then defy him to install it himself a mastodon instance. Anyway this is not a requirement, since you can find many different instances of mastodon..

Why mastodon?

Mastodon has reached a very interesting critical mass and also it's decentralized not controlled by any big corporation it's controlled by you. And of course its free and open source. 'Mastodon is laying the foundations for a post-corporate social internet'

I want to chat with ma friends? And telegram, whatsapp, discord and etc, are all owned by huge corporations...

You should try it has the same concept as mastodon, you can create your own instance.


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md_ wrote

I think we tried all ways of convincing comrades to stay off such networks (not for their sake alone, but also for ours, because they voluntarily leak their social graph and endanger all their peers). Personally I never used the shaming tactic of this post, but I tried to showcase and provide them with alternatives, and give them a political analysis of technology.

No takers. The no-network effect is so strong, and Facebook wins them over even for purely organisational communications, because they don't want to compartmentalise their online presence (and feel perfectly fine using the same Facebook account for their work and their activism).

I don't know if anyone disagrees with me that the only alternative networks that managed to win over some people are themselves not tally unproblematic (Telegram and Signal for example). I'm convinced that this is a zero-sum situation. The more convenient you make something, the less secure it is. I mean, even with Mastodon or the most convenient way to use them is to sign up for an account on someone else's computer.

Now, as an aside, I don't know if leaving Facebook to go to another public social media, even if it's Mastodon is an advice I would give (unless it is for an organisation's public presence, but then again, you have RSS to spread your content). Unless it has also private modes of course, like Diaspora. I haven't used Mastodon, I was only on GNU Social for a while. But yeah, social media, even if totally free, secure, and non-for-profit, have intrinsic problems that are not technological, but social/psychological. I think they bring the level of discourse down by design, and they make people feel terrible about themselves.

Well, wasn't that a rambly rant. Sorry for hijacking OP, I guess I had a lot to vent about.