Google - Instead of burying minor rags like RT and Sputnik, why not take action against actually harmful fake news sites?

Submitted by EdgyIndividualistBuffoon in Media

When are you going to make The New York Times impossible to find because of its Iraq War lies that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people? Nobody fucking reads RT and Sputnik, they hardly concern me. Lies from the big papers that everyone reads do.

Google is the second largest company in the world. It has a near monopoly or monopoly on many Internet services. If it wants to bury a website they can effectively do so. It's censorship; whether you want to make a distinction between government doing it or not, the actual impact is the same.

We're at the point here where "private entities can do what they want" is conflicting with "a tiny number of private entities control everything we watch, hear and read" and we need to stop relying on those old chestnuts. It's like when ancaps imagine a world that is exactly like the current world except the government is a private company, well, what's the fucking difference?


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