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cyb3rd4ndy OP wrote


Just so we're on the same page, I'm assuming you took a look at this:

I think offering 10%-20% of end-of-year profits to all of the content creators is pretty good. The ability to serve on the Board of Directors is also nice, but I don't know what that means.

I sent them an e-mail to see what's up and haven't heard back yet.


subrosa wrote (edited )

Recently they asked for donations, and a week later reduced subscription and merch prices. I wish them well, let's just say.

It looks like it's two people owning the company, and maybe a few 'contractor' members, so all that talk about full voting rights and money going to full-time employees is really more of a promise for the future.

The problem with MeansTV is, unless you're into their lefty morning news program, there's really nothing on there that will have you coming back.


cyb3rd4ndy OP wrote

Yeah the content will probably take a long time to develop. I thought Preserving Worlds was cool.