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There is this phrase called “Magical Thinking”. What does that mean? It’s means all your plans will magically will happen by some God without any effort, labor or sacrifice. Some adults have this personality disorder. This is why, we have religion. Magical thinking has been a staple in Capitalist culture forever. When you live in the most powerful nation in the world, you are like a toddler in a preschool. If you behave, you are rewarded with nice things, material stuff. You become authority dependent. Daddy! The Left scares me. They never smile. Protect me Daddy! If you conform! You will be rewarded. You might even have your own Pod Cast and win the popularity contest you always heard about. Me? I am contrarian to their formula of magical thinking for the poor and more money for the rich. They don’t like my beliefs nor my message. Everybody knows Donald Trump message and not mine. Why is that? Am I a cry baby? The truth is I have legitimate alibis why I can’t make money. This myth of the Protestant work ethic is part of magical thinking. The yarn of if you work hard enough you will succeed! Most people end up in the poor house with a broken back. All the prisoners on chain gangs worked hard as a punishment. The Nazis had a slogan on the entrance gate of Auschwitz concentration camp “Arbeit Macht Frei” in English translation means: Work sets you free”. Horatio Alger mythology doesn't help matters much. That rags to riches bull shit has been ingrained in the American psyche that every sucker believes it. A lot of Emigrants believed it. The 2 success stories out of the 2000 failures seems to get noticed the most. American myth of illegal aliens is another myth created by the ruling class to make everyone think that America is so wonderful that everybody wants to come here. Vietnam war with Cambodia, all the refugees flocked to Vietnam and they were allegedly a Communists nation. More than Mexicans swarming to the American border. Unfortunately I suffer from Magical thinking, which I inherited from my mom. She use to think I go to a radio station and they would play my record and PRESTO! I would be rich and famous over night. I wish that was the case, but it’s not. What’s is this leading to? After making videos after 22 years, I am stopping it and Pamela and I are going to try to look into Pod Casting. We are developing it now. I will painstakingly develop it. I see other pod casts of the Internet left on other platforms. Most of them suck. For one things, most of them are Millennials and Zoomers. Some are Gamers. How do you go from “Grand theft auto” to Karl Marx”? There are some Baby Boomers Pod casters and they not very good at it. Yes, their content are correct and factual but it lacks entertaining value. A talking head is very uninspiring and not influential at all. The Boomers that do get noticed are Chuds. The majority of Boomers are either Moderates, Liberals or Conservatives. I come from minority of Boomers that were Yippies, SDS, White and Black Panthers, Even the fucking Weather Men. I think people will be interested in my perspective. The show would have to be mass appeal not just form Boomers. I will wait until I ready. Peace.



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PeterPanarchy wrote

This myth of the Protestant work ethic is part of magical thinking; the well-spun yarn of “if you work hard enough, you will succeed!” Actually, most people end up in the poor house with broken backs! All the prisoners on chain gangs worked hard as punishment for their crimes. The Nazis posted a slogan at the entrance gate to Auschwitz, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which translates to “Work sets you free.”

This is a false equivalency. Hard work doesn't have to be chain gangs or back breaking. A lot of us work hard because we want to create a nice life for ourselves without leeching off of others.

I come from minority of Boomers that were Yippies, SDS, White and Black Panthers

What are white panthers?