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kinshavo wrote

I have the plan to start studying math seriously at some point, not sur show realistic is the desire to understand the whole thing just for pleasure.

As I understand you want to build this new habit to replace bad ones and potentially help you in other skills or work in something by yourself.

I think it's possible to get real good outside academia, but you will never get the academic lingo and you develop a very particular interpretation of the thing.

My plan is teaching myself from different books and dedicate some time to get the concept. Internet can really help. Public Libraries are probably one if the best place to study and I think many universities are open to visitors to get around. Some professor will be happy to help to point you in a direction even if you are not their student, I had a teacher in highschool that used to teach calculus for the engineering course as well and he was always happy to help the highschool guys in more advanced stuff, even students from other schools came to talk to them in the maths dept.