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existential1 wrote

I tried Mastadon for awhile, got a list of anarchist accounts from a friend who used it. It seemed cool for the international socializing possibilities, especially if you speak additional languages that have a community on the site. However, I just lack the energy to keep up with it. It seemed to take more energy to build out and maintain than twitter, which it is seems to be a federated clone of.

Unlike raddle, which I think is an excellent replacement for reddit with the exception of a few forums that don't exist (mostly sports related). Mastadon, to me, required too many clicks to add new folks...and was used a lot more "socially" in a way that I don't particularly need social media for. I like being able to miss a few days and go through the archives to see what I missed. With mastadon, that's a super waste of time once you have enough connections that similar conversations start reiterating through your feed over time. All that being said, I would still recommend it for anyone who hasn't tried. It did seem to facilitate strong digital bonds for the folks who invest their time on it.


monday wrote

Pokémon, you gotta catch em all