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tuesday wrote

When FB started to shut down anarchist pages and shit there was a person who modded a group with me who was constantly pushing us to move to mastodon. I was never really able to figure out how to not be out in the public stream which is not often in a language I can read mixed in with random social media posts about regular stuff? I am very confused by it.


TheNerdyAnarchist OP wrote (edited )

The "hardest" parts are finding an instance and then blocking out some of the shitpost noise (which, to some, isn't an issue)

Like I said above to Tequila:

Basically you have 3 timelines: Personal, Local, and Federated

  • Personal: Just the people you've specifically chosen to follow
  • Local: Just the people who use the same instance as you
  • Federated: Kinda like a global TL, minus any instances that your own has blocked (e.g. most instances have blocked nazi instances, gab, etc.)

Here's a page to help you find an instance that suits you:

Edit: A couple specifically anarchist instances I know of:, and (currently invite only)