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hasbrochem wrote

Really, nothing has happened since January worth reporting on? Maybe he's been busy perfecting his Pooh Bear look. Too busy to do anything of note.

Other than disappearing students who dare to stand up for workers rights, in a state that's supposed to be...for workers....who can't stand up for their own rights. Or worrying about Tibetans exerting their rights of Independence as they are not han Chinese historically, in spite of BJ's best attempts resettle the area with a majority of hans. Or maybe prepping for the june 4 commemorations. Or perhaps too busy making sure to destroy mosques, imprisoning uyghurs in Xinjiang and forcing them to assimilate. Come on, there has to be something you can share that your beloved has done since January.

Not that dialectic materialism is based on 19th century science we know to be incorrect. Ah hahahaha!!! Scientific socialism, my ass.


eatthecops wrote (edited )

From your profile:

One word from Chairman Mao is worth ten thousand from others. His every statement is truth. We must carry out those we that understand as well as those we don't.


Whatever is written in a book is right — such is still the mentality of culturally backward Chinese peasants. Strangely enough, within the Communist Party there are also people who always say in a discussion, "Show me where it's written in the book." When we say that a directive of a higher organ of leadership is correct, that is not just because it comes from "a higher organ of leadership" but because its contents conform with both the objective and subjective circumstances of the struggle and meet its requirements. It is quite wrong to take a formalistic attitude and blindly [sic] carry out directives without discussing and examining them in the light of actual conditions simply because they come from a higher organ. It is the mischief done by this formalism which explains why the line and tactics of the Party do not take deeper root among the masses. To carry out a directive of a higher organ blindly, and seemingly without any disagreement, is not really to carry it out but is the most artful way of opposing or sabotaging it.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even Mao would have had a problem with you