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pepto_bimbo wrote

I don’t know what the Raddle community’s take on McKenzie Wark’s scholarship is, but I’m personally a big fan of her use of the general intellect as a framing device for their recent work, “General Intellects,” where she addresses arguments made by prominent Marxist & leftist academics and public intellectuals. If it’s of interest to anybody, DM me if you want an ebook copy.


Daileon wrote

Other tought on this matter. Most marxists I know are very concerned about the model of production and other ghostly abstractions as if the entire problem was a simple techical issue, forgeting about the people. I'm more convinced than ever that is not the case.


Daileon wrote

Sometimes when Im high as a kite I imagine the end of the 21 century a struggle between USA the torchbearer of the liberal values against the Great Capital Monster th at CCP China will become. Like HK right now, or Tibet in the 2000s, or the Uyghur concentration camps. At some point the White west will became the saviour in this narrative. I can even see this happen right now and lots of people falling to this.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Also Simon Springer:

People seem to forget that Marx was actually a capitalist insofar as he fetishized capitalism as a necessary stage. But Marxism has always been premised on politics of waiting, which Harvey makes clear here. Much as the state will never simply wither away, so too do we apparently need to just keep rearranging the capitalist furniture.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Simon Springer in response:

I think as far as capitalism is concerned we should spend some time propping it up, trying to reorganize it, and maybe shift it around very slowly. ...oh wait, nope, that's not me who said that, it's David Harvey.

Well anyway, capitalism is too big to fail. This is my totally original insight... uh shit, still David Harvey... and every banking executive, landlord, Wall Street broker, tycoon, and CEO who ever lived.

At the very least we cannot afford any kind of sustained attack upon capital accumulation. We have to keep things moving, because if we don’t do that we are actually stuck with a situation in which almost all of us would starve. I know I'm wilfully ignoring the fact that half the globe currently lives in impoverished conditions where their basic needs are not met, but as a critical realist... ah damn, still David Harvey.

If only I could think more like a capitalist, ahem, Marxist.


Transbustionmo1 wrote (edited )

If I catch you, you want something like political economy of "creation of software" (that's the main "method" of Marx economic analysis). In that case I would recommend, for example, a vision of public goods and the generation of profit with general intellect, that is, with the social development of software:

If you want to develop some ideas around the technics and its use in an alienated society, you can go for philosophy, specially from people like Marcuse or critical theory (against hegemonic theoric perspectives that led you thought about the consecuences of "know how" but never "know why"), here:

In the case of specific studies about infrastructure of internet and the ways that contemporary platforms could accumulate capital, you can consult:

The important thing in the relation between critical theory and "FLOSS" software is the use of technical human developments, and the struggle to give the knowledge for the poor people


hasbrochem wrote

Really, nothing has happened since January worth reporting on? Maybe he's been busy perfecting his Pooh Bear look. Too busy to do anything of note.

Other than disappearing students who dare to stand up for workers rights, in a state that's supposed to be...for workers....who can't stand up for their own rights. Or worrying about Tibetans exerting their rights of Independence as they are not han Chinese historically, in spite of BJ's best attempts resettle the area with a majority of hans. Or maybe prepping for the june 4 commemorations. Or perhaps too busy making sure to destroy mosques, imprisoning uyghurs in Xinjiang and forcing them to assimilate. Come on, there has to be something you can share that your beloved has done since January.

Not that dialectic materialism is based on 19th century science we know to be incorrect. Ah hahahaha!!! Scientific socialism, my ass.