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wednesday wrote

actually this is perfectly reasonable and is a result of European evolution. in primitive societies, men would go out hunting in the cold and snow and therefore didn't want to eat cold food, so they never evolved a tolerance to ice cream; they would have died if they consumed it, and it became cuturally taboo for them to eat it.

women spent most of their time sitting by the fire skinning rabbits and weaving fishing nets, and it was so warm by the fire that they had to eat ice cream to avoid dying of overheating, thereby developing a tolerance to cold food.


Crown_of_Ice wrote

I don't want men. Get them off of magazine covers.

But more seriously, it's the Magic Mike problem. A movie """"for the female gaze,"""" but there's just as many barely clothed women as men in the movie so it's meant as a movie for men to bring their girlfriends to to pretend they're doing something for them, but they're able to fully enjoy the movie as well. And the women that the movie is "meant" for don't actually enjoy it at all because it's mindless sexualization.


kinshavo wrote

Agreed, but I think there's something like the hegemony of conterculture is the alt-right now the same way in the 60s was the left for example. It's like an Overton window that shifted the center to be reactionary to all the societal changes...

I see so many "leftists" relaxed with any political activity, don't bothering to engage just living and not worrying when the average "centrist" will be right leaning and be ok with the populist reactionary movements.. it's the conspiracy theories, but it's also the antiwoke, the manosphere, the homophobic/transphobe etc..


roanoke9 wrote

Meta study finds that original study fails to recognize the difference between recorded events (history of mental health issues) and events themselves (mental health issues). Meta-meta study finds that mental health is a pathologizing construct used to essentialize externalities in hierarchical society.

If an organism suffers in silence, and nothing is written about it in a peer reviewed journal, does that suffering exist?