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ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote (edited )

From... Knox College?
(never heard of it, type it into google)
Liberal Arts school
(lol a liberal arts school trying to do science. how's that even credible, what's their minimum SAT scores)
(LOL, what a joke school, can't believe the amount of tobacco science people eat up. Well I went to a top engineering school, let's check out how fail this study is, opens study)
"the hypothesis that being “creeped out” is an evolved adaptive emotional response to ambiguity about the presence of threat that enables us to maintain vigilance during times of uncertainty."
(ok did the study actually check it's hypothesis to see if there was any threat correlated to being "creeped out"?)
Nope. The entire study is all about satisfying the researchers need to judge other people. My favorite part: "bird watchers were considered creepy by many as well." (Lol, uh oh guys, my elderly neighbor has a bird feeder... She might be a serial killer.)

Maybe their next study can try to find the how their judgment is affected by the ambuigity in this picture or justify their previous paper as to why these individuals are a threat.