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coficofi02 wrote

i downloaded this from the megalink, and it's a completely different hash and sha-1, multiple viruses detected:

MD5 52325beec509c35d1a2858d1d785d2a1 SHA-1 0cc3f36299cd2e172fb8a3a6863a32c1b655afbc

I understand it is 2 years later and the link has probably been modified, but this is a warning to anyone trying to get it right now.


notvondy wrote

Reply to by Previ3w

Find repacks on rutracker, it comes pre-activated and works great.


Eggward wrote

Hi this might sound like a dumb question, but when I try to extract, and then run the exe file, it opens a prompt that says "Windows cannot cannot access the specified device path or file". Is this normal?


SdogEinnnarg wrote

Hi there,

Thanks for all the work you put into this Ed_ButteredToast (love the ed, edd n eddy reference btw).

Just a quick question - I'm considering signing up for the adobe photography package to get the legitimate version of Photoshop (to sign up to an adobe beta plugin). If i was to do this, could I still continue to use my cracked Illustrator? Or any other cracked applications for that matter.

Cheers in advance!