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Slime wrote

does cc maker already works on CC 2019?


deckz_ wrote

Do I need to be concerned about VirusTotal and Windows Defender going nuts about the CCMaker.exe containing trojans? I know this is meant to be a reputable source and people have discussed this before but since this new Raddle forum is so dead rn it seems kinda sketchy.


Ed_ButteredToast OP moderator wrote

It's a false positive and it's being treated as "malware" because of the nature of these files i.e patchers/keygens etc. Regardless, you can download it from the source link I included in the post to cross check their hashes.


deckz_ wrote

Hashes checked fine, just got a bit spooked by the Skeeyah trojan flag. Guess it should be all sweet then, thanks for the confirmation.


Freelancer95 wrote

Hey, I know this is probably not the best place to ask this but this is asking for an Adobe login, I though CCMaker removed that?