Submitted by Ed_ButteredToast moderator in MSToolkit!D6hjmaoY!Fb-tchaMTGDGBsD_xlG9FQ

There's a torrent file in it and if it's possible, please seed so others can still have access to the tools even when links get taken down. Here's the magnet link


Here's how you can seed after you download the .rar from MEGA



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Slime wrote

glad your sub is back ed, also why you keep the MSToolkit name? I thought you might want to rename it


MimigaKing wrote

Thank-you. Will help spread it forever


Kuroneko wrote

Hey, sorry I'm quite new to those tools, is there some kind of text support to know which one does what? For example I'm looking for a way to keep Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, is there a quick guide on the steps? Thank you so much!


ahornybadger wrote

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9128d82fb7beb8119229477d754d0783f53b7867&tr=http://ri5a27ioqd4vkik72fawbcryglkmwyy4726uu5j3eg6zqh2jswfq.b32.i2p/announce torrent for i2p snark