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Pyrit99 wrote

Anyone have the following films?

Youtube Red Movie: The Thinning Aladdin(2019) Invader Zim- Enter the Florpus My Super Ex Girlfriend(2006) Breaking all the rules 2004 Batman: Hush


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Pomelo OP wrote

Buenos dias como puedo asceder los links y descargarlos?


Sage OP wrote (edited )

The service runs as a background service accessible through websocket. The UI will be a simple webinterface with support to display progress bar and search for files.

I am doing all this alone so it might take a while to complete the UI. There is also a chrome plugin for capturing downloads coming up.

The system supports download resume. max connections and ipfs download/upload.

I had paid some guy to work on the UI but he didn't do anything meainingfull to it so I canceled his work.

If you think you know some react and redux and are willing to help out hmu then we'll see what we can do.

EDIT:If you are intrested in being our react dev. Know that I may release two versions of the app which might be unrelated. The first app might include a search engine and an upload user interface, the next app is my app which is unrelated to this project but uses the file engine. My app has a couple of extra pages for. I think I will use one interface for both apps and disable some parts where necessary. There will be some pay for the UI DEV once my other app is complete since I plan on making this version of the app free.


Sage OP wrote

Guys Will release in almost a month. Just added IPFS plugin. It will be possible to upload to multiple servers at the same time, to create multiple mirrors automatically. If the app encounters deadlink it will revert to one of the mirrors


benz wrote

Made a powershell command for searching for movies / tv shows for people of the future.

$movie = 'search string'

$path = 'C:\Users\User{megalinks2 extracted file path}'

Get-ChildItem $path -Filter *.txt |


$_ | Select-String -Pattern $movie



Chantarelle wrote

Hi, looking to download all Dragonlance epubs. Stumbled on this site a few months back, just in time to get three of them, but can't find the rest of them anywhere :-(