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cbasg wrote

Any of the following Satanicpornocultshop albums in FLAC:

-Baltimore 1972

-Belle Excentrique


-Piss Off EP

-Anorexia Gas Balloon

-Ugh Yoing

-Catholic Sunspot Apron (Both Editions)

-Orochi Under The Straight Edge Leaves

-Takusan No Ohanasan

-Pope EP

-Tennojizoo EP


-Music For Meu-Meu's puppet show

-Kesalan Patharan EP

-Baptized Troopers (released as "conceal")


Sage OP wrote (edited )

I need an angular dev so we can speed up the project. The background service is up and running. The frontend is what I need someone to work on. It's in angular hence why I need an angular dev, I've laid out a template angular project of how it should be but I'm also new to angular so I might take a while before I get the project released. If anyone is intrested to learn angular is welcome to work on the project.


LASERWOLF452 wrote

i know where to get it but i dont want to download an episode each, anyone know where i can get Hi Hi Puffy Ami-Yumi

another request i have is law & order, i know where to get the first one at i want to get the other 2 complete series SVU and criminal intent


RNTRN wrote

Guys I'm looking for these movies encoded from a Bluray Remux source in 1080p x265 10bit and 2000-2500kbps video bitrate.

  1. Death Race Triology (Unrated)

  2. Undisputed II -The Last Man Standing

3.American Hustle

4.Revolutionary Road (available in

5.Noah (2014)

6.Spy Game


8.Hit and Run

9.Failure To Launch

10.Alpha House

11.The Great Gatsby


13.Watchmen (Ultimate Cut)

14.When We first Met

15.Gladiator (Extended)

16.Les Miserables (2012)