[Game] Enchanter (1983), Includes 7 versions! (5.01 MB)

Submitted by Doctorwho6904 in MEGAlinks

Hello and welcome to my own repack of the 1983 computer game classic Enchanter, This game is also called sometimes Zork IV due to the fact this was originally going to be the fourth game in that series, But it was changed later on to the name Enchanter, While there are over a dozen ports of this game, I have only found a handful.

But the ones included in this pack are 7 different versions of the game which are:

  • The original MS-DOS version (150 KB)
  • An Amiga port (258 KB)
  • An Amstrad-CPC port (90 KB)
  • 2 versions of an Atari port (8 bit and ST) (201 KB and 863 KB)
  • A Commodore 64 port (172 KB)
  • And finally an Apple II port (169 KB)

Also included is the manual for the DOS version which is in the other files folder, Now you may choose what out of the 7 you wish to play but remember that all of these require an emulator, Google search one for each before playing, Thank you and enjoy :)



  • Link (in base64): aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIW1LQnhRUW9SITZsRVBXTlMwYkpkRjduWm4xQ2NLeHc=

  • And yes it has been scanned and nothing came up, Never expected anything though to be honest but now don't say i did'nt.



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