r/Megalinks full backup - contains big ass raw json file, and smaller files I parsed the data into based on categories

Submitted by meseeks_programmer in MEGAlinks (edited )

r/Megalinks Full Backup - with some pre parsing into smaller files based on content type... tv/movies/education/ect..

to view the large 50mb one use this https://development.wellisolutions.de/huge-json-viewer/

b64 encoded



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yogev wrote

How can one copy-paste the links?


jb_ wrote (edited )

parsing the provided json file, or going to each individual reddit post


raddlemega wrote

What happens if reddit deletes /r/megalinks?


jb_ wrote

I mean, it'd just be gone as far as anyone was concerned


meseeks_programmer wrote

You could use the Json to pragmatically generate posts, thus filling threads up with all the archived content. I actually was creating my own personal reddit megalinks app that I was gonna use to browse the content in a much nicer way, similar to Netflix with more customization. Don't have the time right now though to keep working on it.