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hotcool wrote (edited )

This is highly subjective of course:

Incomprehensible forums: Rate_that_Praxis, me_irl... I'd put internetisbeautiful and InCels in this category.

Redundant or lacking a clear distinction: CapitalismInDecay / anticapital / ItsGoingDown, Trees / ActualTrees, Zen/ Zenarchism, animalliberation / Animal Rights

Derogatory: WhiteFragility, Bootlickers (and probably others)

Glad to hear a search feature is in development!


Pop wrote (edited )

f/Rate_that_Praxis is a joke forum based on the common trope/joke/line people use whenever they come across funny/notable stuff that ostensibly helps the revolution
not sure why that's odd

I've always thought of f/capitalismindecay as a space to showcase excesses of late stage capitalism, but f/anticapital is more about a political postion

and f/itsgoingdown is an RSS feed for the website It's Going Down - its it's own forum so that people can subscribe and so they aren't forced to see all of the articles from that site if they don't want to just because its getting posted in some other major forum

f/trees is about marijuana, f/actualtrees is about actual trees - have you not noticed or am I missing something?

I don't know much about zen so I can't comment there, but it seems that zen and zen-anarchism are different just like christianity and christian anarchism might be
seems a significant difference?

I think that animal rights are inimical to animal liberation - one's bound up in liberal rights discourse and the other is an anarchist direct action ethic
or at least they should be, I steer clear from the vegan/animal forums because they often stink of racism

I agree with you about the derogatory ones and would like to see them merged with better forums