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AngryData wrote

The US doesn't have a real leftist party, at least not as a main party, usually better identified by the 'liberal' moniker. Democrats are right of center, not a lot, but enough. The republicans are like the extreme ideological right, like just shy of Nazi levels. The main difference between the two parties is how they want to accomplish their authoritarian ideals. Democrats want the government to control and regulate as much shit as possible to make 'us' all 'equal', but of course the rampant corruption ends up making some 'more equal' than others, usually the rich because they have political weight. The republicans however want the 'free market', or in reality, the ruling wealthy class, to have all the power. Basically to remove government power and put it in the hands to wealthy private individuals in the name of business and rampant capitalism and personal profit.

Tl;DR Republicans = far right, advocates for personal power through wealth and money. Democrats = Slight right, advocates for government power by regulating and controlling as many normal people as possible through heavy handed law, thus giving default power and control to the rich who can write in exceptions for themselves.


bigtittygothbf wrote

Considering that most people are not extremely wealthy, why do middle to low class Americans vote for republicans if they can't be part of the wealth? Wouldn't it be more beneficial for them to be part of the democratic party since it favours the majority of the American population?


evictedkoala wrote (edited )

30 years of right wing radio propaganda following the deregulation of talk radio in the 80s by Reagan + 20 years of fox news + lack of education = predicament we're in.


AngryData wrote (edited )

There are a few reasons, most of it comes down to the political propaganda people are sold on even if it has nothing to do with what the party is actually pushing. However there are some HUGE issues.

One is that the democratic party keeps trying to ban guns really hard, especially the last few years, which is protected by our constitution which pisses a lot of people off. On top of that, very few people trust the government, which is the entire reason we have the 2nd amendment, to overthrow tyrannical government. Plus we have the largest group of experienced battle veterans in the world along with all of the world's largest civilian militias and have for a long time without problem. Then there is the immense amount of hunting in the US (we have tons of empty wilderness), sport shooting, police shootings, gang activity from the drug war, there is no requirement for police to protect you, ect. Then combine all that with previous democrat gun bills that ban completely useless and illogical shit like gun shrouds, slings, folding stocks, gun mufflers, and other bullshit that doesn't effect weapons. Plus trying to enact gun law based on how scary the gun looks rather than the actual functionality of the gun. People get angry and if you have a gun, voting democrat is voting to make yourself a criminal. The democratic party seems completely ignorant to the amount of voters they lose by pushing gun control.

Another is regulation in general. Democrats are all for regulations, and in many cases I agree there needs to be regulations, however they do not in any way shape or form base their ideas and thoughts upon informed science, research, or any other publicly available information or voter consensus, its just a bunch of of rich farts patting each other on the backs for passing arbitrary regulatory laws that get manipulated by industry-insiders to limit potential competition.

And for social services, republicans like to frame all social services as lazy people that never worked just sucking money for free and pretend they just party every night blowing all their food stamps and welfare on drugs and avocados. In order to counter such claims, democrats agree to more regulatory requirements for social services, many times so much regulations that you are better off not wasting endless hours doing worksheets, filling out forms, and reporting to some government bureaucrat every week, ultimately resulting in spending $2 for every $1 given out to make sure the 'wrong' people don't get any help, which makes the system ineffective and expensive which is just more fuel for the republicans to pour on the fire about dem lazy poor people who, in their minds, would have become regional manager and rich in a year if only they would work harder.

There are lots more but I really only meant to give a brief overview, there are a lot more issues. 90% of the problems come down to having a black and white choices when picking your favorite color of the political rainbow. You can't say you like red, but hate blue, you only get to pick whether you think a black or white choice will result in a better color spectrum. You can't say "I agree we need gun control but only pertaining to handguns because they make up 90%+ of gun crime." Instead you get to choose between democrats "Scary polymer guns are scary! Ban the least likely weapons to be used in crime and useless knicknacks!" or the republicans side of "We want to be able to buy any and all weapons! Unless you are poor, we should really charge a flat-rate tax so poor and colored people can't get guns and shoot back as we stomp on their rights."