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000 moderator wrote

Damn, that thread is a shitshow! The mods there are straightht up lying about deleting comments and submissions. They’re also lying about Raddle being pro-censorship. I detest the whole of Reddit, it’s an asshole magnet!

Anyway, hopefully people will still use this forum as we expand and build a better place to share.


by_the_beard_of_spez wrote (edited )

TRUE they are straight up lying about deleting comments, I hope this site will be pro-piracy & pro-censorship anti-censorship.


BoxenGlomal wrote

Posts were deleted by mods though. They're lying. And it's not like people can't check to see if posts were deleted or not.

Looks like over twenty posts deleted by mods.

So they're also insulting the intelligence of the community as well as lying.

I wouldn't be surprised if this plugin they're creating uploads personal information and spies on the user when they're done with it


Babadook wrote

"I wouldn't be surprised if this plugin they're creating uploads personal information and spies on the user when they're done with it" ---- Bro...........


thegreenmile wrote

Installing a browser plugin? Really?


left_uce wrote

yeah, that raise the wtf flag for me.

Good intentions, but that's a bad implementation.

Looks like a browser plugin AND a local web service?

I like my free movies, but c'mon


left_uce wrote

I'll also add ... what stopping the same DMCA army from installing the plugin/server?

They are obviously using the b64 encode method even with the intelligence tests (remove the bold, take out the salt, remove between the # and !) so why wouldn't they just install this too?

like I said. Good intentions to keep the community active, but really really bad (poor is probably a better word) way of implementing it


ziq wrote (edited )

They're really dedicated to keeping reddit's coffers full I guess.

First they came for the anarchists, and I did nothing. Then they came for the gun users, and I did nothing. Then the shoplifters and then the drug users and I did nothing. Then they came for me - and I banned everyone that tried to talk about alternatives and told them to use my browser plugin instead.


xusiqeeoo wrote

I plan to lurk and x-post here. Archival and back up copies of links are a good thing. This sectarianism is dumb as shit.


mulder wrote

honestly this is more my speed, I'm sticking here.


megathrowaway27 wrote

So here was my thought (which was deleted from Reddit). Whenever/if they launch their encryption addon, someone with a brain that works better than mine should create a bot that auto decodes everything and posts it here. Hell, it might be a good idea just to take everything posted there and re-post it here, since it will then be safe. Unless I'm not thinking of a negative, this seems pretty do-able.

Anyone here have the skills to do that?