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000 OP moderator wrote (edited )

Please welcome VCDUPPER as the new mod on MEGAlinks. I’ll be reaching out to repeat posters to see if anyone else wants to be a mod.

Personally, I won’t have too much time to do it myself so need assistance keeping things running smoothly.

And a big thank you to all the Reddit refugees! In a matter of days MEGAlinks has become the 2nd most subscribed forum and will soon be in 1st place!


Tequila_Wolf admin wrote

Seeing as u/vcdupper hasn't been added yet I'm going to assume you have asked another admin who hasn't done it yet. I'll just do it.

Please have all your moderators read at least the "Moderator Responsibilities" section of the w/terms_of_service.


DefinitelyAJew wrote

Why is this place getting so much hate on /r/megalinks even though vcdupper is here?