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kwyjibo wrote

That was a text book strawman.

My concern is with what gets defined as "sexist" and "propaganda." You might not feel NRA channel videos are propaganda, but a moderator might.

And the NRA channel thing is an example. I could sit here coming up with all kinds of examples, but it just makes more sense to instead to look for a site without a suspicious left or right-leaning slant. I don't like what I'm allowed to see being filtered through someone else's politically skewed lens.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


kwyjibo wrote (edited )

Mods don't really make the decisions here. People discuss it and then vote on it.

Well I guess that's better. Still not as good as having a clear policy on what content is and isn't allowed.

But sure, if you just want a place you can post literally anything on, you'll probably want somewhere else.

"Literally anything," or "literally anything political?" Because the former is another strawman, and the latter might just prove my point.


linuxwes wrote

I could sit here coming up with all kinds of examples

Sure you could. And probably no moderated site is going to allow all of them. It doesn't matter, there are other places to find things. As long as this site lets through 90% of what you are looking for and doesn't shut down the sub for random reasons like Reddit, it will be a success.