[TV] Legends Of The Hidden Temple - Complete Season 1 - 40 Episodes - 16.56 GB

Submitted by RKellyPissOnTrump in MEGAlinks

These are GAS TV rips ( see screenshot ), but everything looks great for a 90's TV show.

These files are also MPG's. I had considered converting them to HEVC MP4's or MKV's, but it was only going to shave about 50 megabytes off each file, and it didn't seem to be worth the time or the effort. However, I did have to go through each file individually and rename them, as whoever put this together didn't have a single episode in the right place.

I have season 2 & 3 as well, but haven't got around to uploading and renaming them yet. So here's S1 for now.

[TV] Legends Of The Hidden Temple - Complete Season 1 - 40 Episodes - 16.56 GB


Season 1




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itakephotos wrote (edited )

Yessssss, you made it over. Thanks a ton! Totally grabbing this.

Edit: Whoa, lucky timing. Four minutes!


RKellyPissOnTrump OP wrote

My pleasure!

It's nice to be able to watch the Nickelodeon show you like without having to sit through Catdog and Wild Thornberrys. :P


itakephotos wrote


I'm a fan of Nick Reboot, but it's great being able to cut out the shows I'm not interested in. Even though I've probably seen all of these, I still love gathering a few friends around and rooting for my favorite team.


Runt1938 wrote

Woah@!#! Amazinging! Super excited for the other ones too!


r1ngx wrote

Thanks!! Looking forward to Seasons 2 & 3!


funkymoneky wrote

any chance for a season 2 and 3?

Also, I re-encoded these to x264 and got each file down to about 150 MB if you wanna trade later.


Norbi wrote

Hey! The link isn't working anymore. Could you reupload it?