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MrTattyBojangles wrote (edited )

S01: 5.5GB

S02: 5.65GB

S03: 10.50GB

S04: 9.94GB

S05: 9.88GB

S06: 9.86GB

S07: 2.45GB

S08: 9.08GB

S09: 5.37GB

S10: 5.37GB

73.6GB total


Y0UR_Messiah OP wrote



westcoastsosa wrote

What does M$TSK stand for? Lol trying to determine if I want this


smk wrote

I believe its called Mystery Science Theater 3000

"Forced by evil scientists to watch bad "B" movies until he breaks, a host and a bunch of captive robots comment on the films to keep sane. During each movie, the host and robots perform skits or songs, known as host segments, that are usually related to that episode's film."


Qrusher14242 wrote

They basically watch horrible movies and make fun of them. It ran 10 seasons originally but came back for S11 on Netflix recently. Some of the main guys from it founded Rifftrax. They do mostly new movies.