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Blast wrote

One of the mods messaged me saying they have a plan in the works. Anyone know what this plan is? Why not use Raddle and Reddit if it goes back up? That way, we can always come here.


ziq wrote

They're removing all the raddle links and leaving the voat links up, so there's a clue.


bigtittygothbf wrote

This place is sweet. It lacks a few features that I enjoy with RES but it could be the next big thing if reddit goes down. Not sure why they are censoring this website.


ziq wrote

Trying to cling to power, is my guess. They didn't think to create this forum so in their eyes they don't own it, /u/000 does.


linuxwes wrote

Trying to cling to power, is my guess

Or maybe they think that trying to get 100K users to move to a different site is harder than whatever other options they are working on.


chelshep wrote

Just saw what went down and checked here and voat... voat's gone private? did i miss the boat?