[E-Book] My Entire Book Collection v2.0(Over 9000 books and over 8GB!)

Submitted by Doctorwho6904 in MEGAlinks

Well here i am. I'm now on Raddle. The so-called "Reddit v2.0". And let me tell you it's a pretty damn good site! So for my first post why not do the most popular post i've ever made and the 9th most upvoted post on the old Megalinks. Plus in a way this is a v2.0 of the original post as there are now over 700 new books. And more will be coming soon. Now i was asked many times that there was only about 7000 files! Well the reason why is because i have a lot of omnbuses. That's the reason why there are more books than files. So i hope that clears things up. Well enjoy and give me a warm welcome to Raddle. Plus the safety measures are the same. Decode both strings of text through base64. Then download the txt and decode the text inside and do that 3 more times.

Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyMhNWp3ejBEeVQ=




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megagod wrote

What a ride. Thanks a lot though


wekapipo wrote

This is awesome the second time around. Thanks. mate!


SporeFace wrote

Awesome, thanks to my slow internet and MEGA download limitations I'm still busy downloading from the first time you posted this!


Doctorwho6904 OP wrote

Well my internet is slow too. But luckily it did'nt take long to upload the books i've gotten since then.


SwimmieFan48 wrote

No Anne of Green Gables!? WTF is your problem bro!? You wanna get rekt?!


Doctorwho6904 OP wrote

Don't worry i have it. It's just that it's an omnibus edition. Just look in the random books folder.


Liviu wrote

Awesome protection, really :)


banbleh wrote

After the 3rd decoding, I was half expecting to be rickrolled.

Thank you for this awesome collection!


razerkiller15 wrote

The final link is no longer valid ,help please.