[MISC] 5,261 /r/megalinks submissions (no comments)

Submitted by zackogenic in MEGAlinks (edited )

I ripped every megalinks post I could, of the URL/textpost, post date/time, author, and title. No comments, because I was more worried about getting everything. Most don't need comments, but there are certainty some posts that have the keys in the comments, so I may go back and get some.

The filename of each post is just the post ID(862wzl for example) the first line is the title, the second line and beyond is the body or URL, the second to last line is the post time, the last line is the username of the submitter.

Very far from the best way to do this but I was bored and wanted to do it this way.

Edit: I now have about 17k posts downloaded.

Here is the new version: https://mega.nz/#!RFVDGa6D!RLtEY4pM3wShgSph29LLEvRfL86a8JeIinPp8ismBy8 I now got the comments on link posts that were by OP, as well as flair(user and post), and score.

Here is the 5k version: https://mega.nz/#!oJlHFa4Q!HpgcuwOly4vh2Urdmx-0j4wC84CeZ6G-OPTPoZvXEng


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000 moderator wrote

Damn good work, thx!


raddlemega wrote (edited )

very nice. upraddled. hopefully someone can put this online and make it searchable.


[deleted] wrote


zackogenic wrote

Looks pretty cool. I updated the OP with about 12k more posts if you want to add those to your merge.


sgfrisbee wrote

Why is new version trying to install in C:\windows\system32