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000 OP moderator wrote

Since this is a new forum, I tried to copy the subreddit as much as possible. If anyone has any ideas on beneficial changes please let me know.


Babadook wrote

Any chance you can make the original mods of megalinks, mods here? I'd sleep better knowing they're still running the show.......


000 OP moderator wrote

Sure can! They can send me a message and I’ll take care of it.


willl wrote (edited )

Very nice job making this place feel like home. I hope we don't hemorrhage too many users.


piratepangwin326 wrote

how long will this subraddle last?


000 OP moderator wrote

We're committed to the long-term. With enough user involvement we can keep the MEGA community alive!


kashbaba333 wrote

I have quite a few data I've collected from Reddit/r/megalinks. And i wish to give back to the community. So is there anyway know if it is already uploaded? I am new here, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone can help me with the process of uploading the data to MEGA and sharing the content here, will be greatly appreciated.

P.S: I have a pro account of MEGA, but i wish to keep that private, so a free account seems like the way to go, but I've read that if you create multiple free accounts, you might get blacklisted or something...