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westcoastsosa wrote (edited )

Sorry for the super long list, thought i'd get it all out there early haha. Looking for some shows to fill the gaps in my collection. I have some of these in 720p already, but always looking for the highest resolutions they were made in. (I could have the wrong resolution for some, correct me if i'm wrong).

¡Mucha-Lucha! - DVD - 480p

Adventures of Puss in Boots - 1080p

Alaskan Bush People - 1080p

All That - DVD - 480p

All Hail King Julien + Exiled - 1080p

American Ninja Warrior - 1080p

American Pickers - 1080p

American Restoration - 1080p

Ancient Aliens - 1080p

Animal Kingdom (TNT) - 1080p

Back at the Barnyard - DVD - 480p

Bernie Mac Show - 1080p

Catscratch - DVD - 480p

Camp Lazlo - 1080p

Counting Cars - 1080p

Crank Yankers - DVD - 480p

The Curse of Oak Island - 1080p

Darkwing Duck - 1080p

Dave the Barbarian - 1080p

Ducktales (2017) - 1080p

Eastbound and Down - 1080p

Empire - 1080p

The Emperor's New School - 1080p

House Hunters - 1080p

House of Mouse - 1080p

Impractical Jokers - 1080p

Johnny Test - 1080p

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Season 2 (ENG DUB) - 1080p

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OVA's (1993)(2001) (ENG DUB) - 480p

Kroll Show - 1080p

Krypto the Superdog Season 2 - 1080p

Love It or List It - 1080p

MAD (Cartoon) - 1080p

Mr. Meaty Employee Training Videos - 1080p

My Gym Parnter's a Monkey - 1080p

NCIS - 1080p

Ninja Warrior or Sasuke - 4K or 1080p

Ozzy & Drix - DVD

Pimp My Ride - DVD- 480p

Pokemon (All Seasons) - 1080p

Power - 1080p

The Proud Family - DVD

The Replacements (TV) - 1080p

Rob & Big - DVD - 480p

Rob's Fantasy Factory - 480p + 1080p

Run's House - 480p

Sym-Bionic Titan - 1080p

T.U.F.F Puppy - 1080p

Teen TItans Go! - 1080p

Testees - 1080p

Tosh.0 - 1080p

Top Boy - 1080p

Uncle Grandpa - 1080p

Viewtiful Joe (Anime) -480p

The Wayans Bros - 480p